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Order this product to receive one standalone box with 6 Safari themed items. If you would prefer to receive a different box every 3 months plus bonus items, choose a subscription instead.


Flat rate shipping to Canada $15.00 and to USA $25.00. Although, shipping is quoted in Canadian funds, you will see your shipping in your preferred currency at check out. 

Any import duties for customers outside of Canada to be paid by subscriber.


In this box, we want to take you on a Safari journey.  Imagine the thrill of seeing incredible wildlife up close wandering freely in their beautiful homelands. Your Safari will leave you with lifelong memories like no other. 

Enjoy the following six items that will either bring you closer to your Safari experience, or you will want to take with you when you go.

For a limited time, this Safari box includes exclusive offers from Collette and Traversing Africa

Amavovo Necklace

Your beautiful and colourful intricately designed hand beaded Amavovo Necklace consists of tiny beads banded together to form a thick lace. This necklace helps to support the Woza Moya Project, based in the Ufafa Valley of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This non-profit organization has, for the past twenty years, been working to improve the lives of people affected by HIV, AIDS and poverty.

Beaded Gemstone & Elephant Charm Bracelet

Make a statement and “Travel across Africa” by tracking your own elephant with this beautiful bracelet. See the enclosed card to learn how you can follow your own elephant’s trek.

Made by Fahlo (formerly Wildlife Collections) in partnership with Save the Elephants, your beautiful bracelet with an elephant charm is created from gemstones and shells. This bracelet will help protect wild elephants, fight ivory poaching, and secure a future for elephants in this rapidly changing world. Founded in 1993, Save the Elephants is one of the top elephant conservation organizations in the world. Based in Kenya, their primary focus is on African elephant conservation.

Safari Designed Hand-Painted Champagne Flutes

Champagne has been a long-standing tradition on Safari. Imagine you rise early at dawn for a spectacular sunrise balloon ride over the Savannah; listen to the silence as you float over the Serengeti plains, drifting over forests and rivers. Suspended in a basket you experience breath-taking views like no other, rich in wildlife …  you spot zebras, giraffes, elephants and lions. Upon your return to earth, you enjoy a sumptuous champagne breakfast. Sip champagne from your unique and exotically designed Safari hand-painted flutes to relive this Safari tradition.

Your unique safari hand-painted flutes are a creation of FleuryArt by Jacqui Budd, an artisan based in South Niagara, who grew her passion for art into a business creating beautiful hand-painted glassware. Your hand-painted safari flutes are fully baked and cured for handwash only. 

Mini Binoculars

A powerful Mini Portable Zoom HD 50000M Binoculars 200x25 long range with low light night vision for the professional.

Enjoy a spectacular Safari viewing experience with your powerful mini long-range binoculars.

With full optical lenses and distinct high magnification, you can get up close and personal with amazing animal sightings. Adjustable eye widths, easy adjustment and rapid focus wheel make your optics binoculars telescope suitable for both adults and kids. Small and compact, they can be folded to fit easily into your pocket or bag. Your binoculars come with the convenience of a carrying strap, storage bag and cleaning cloth.

Leopard Print Safari Packing Cube and Pouch Set

When travelling on Safari or anywhere you want to stay organized and unwrinkled you will appreciate these Safari print packing cubes.  It’s like having a filing cabinet in your suitcase. Keep your clothes neatly pressed and in order. Different size cubes will help you separate your clothes. Pack your tops in one, and your bottoms in another. You can even use them for your laundry.  And, don’t forget to pack one for your shoes!  Includes 3 packing cubes and 3 pouches.

Shampoo Bar and Tin

Luxuriate in the silky softness and beautiful scent of this thick and creamy shampoo bar.  Simple and pure, like nature intended this bar is perfect for your travels, conveniently stored in its own little tin. 

Your Castille Shampoo Bar is created by The Apothecary Shoppe, based in Niagara, Ontario.  

It’s created using eco friendly, quality natural and raw ingredients, extracted from plants and minerals combined with essential essences and premium oils, mixed entirely by hand.

Ingredients include:  water, olive oil, caster oil and sodium hydroxide