See What’s in Bloom in Europe with Collette

Tour the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, and see an international horticulture exhibition that only sprouts up every 10 years. From slowly spinning Dutch windmills to the bustling streets of Paris, experience the essence of Europe with stops in The Netherlands, Belgium, and France, and to the once-in-a-decade Floriade Expo! Here are some things to look forward to on this guided tour:

The Netherlands:

With a centrally located hotel for three nights, you will really get to know the narrow canals, stone bridges, and bike-brimmed lanes of Amsterdam. Board a private boat and cruise past the narrow row houses to see Amsterdam in all its glory from the water. Choose between a trip to The Mauritshuis to see famous works of art like Girl with a Pearl Earring or a chance to bike through the countryside with a local guide. Support a local brewery that employs individuals who have difficulties entering the job market due to mental, physical, or social obstacles. Your time in The Netherlands will give you the opportunity to really connect with this country.

Floriade Expo:

While in The Netherlands, you’ll stop in the city of Almere for the 2022 Floriade Expo. Floriade will bring you flowers, plant life, and local horticultural innovation from across the world. Learn about the Japanese art of flower arrangement, known as ikebana. Hear how the people of Qatar are aiming to create flourishing vegetation in their desert climate. Experience an interactive exhibit in which the green future of cities in Germany is imagined. From the sight of gorgeous, colorful flowers, to the sounds of live musical performances, to the smell of freshly tilled soil, all your senses will come alive at Floriade.


Become acquainted with Dutch cuisine during your time in Belgium. From a cheese tasting at a dairy farm in Gouda to quintessential drinks and small bites at a family run brewery in Brussels, get a taste of this rich nation. Take time to explore Bruges during a walking guided tour of the town. Enjoy free time to take it all in and meander alongside 19th-century facades and medieval towers. During your time in Belgium, you can sign up for an optional tour around Bruges in which you will cruise around canals, taste Belgian chocolate, and learn about lace making. Whether you opt for more time on your own or more scheduled activities, enjoy Belgium how you choose!


From the heart of the Champagne region to the City of Light, get to know the rich culture of France. The French leg of your journey will begin in Raims, where you will savor a 5-course tasting menu and glass of champagne. Uncover the city’s Celtic roots and Gothic architecture with a visit to Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral, before switching the cityscape for vineyard rows. Your time in Raims will end as it began: tasting champagne in its birthplace. Over the next three days, explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world — Paris. Explore chic boulevards from the backseat of a retro taxi and catch a glimpse of iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. In a choice on tour, decide how you want to get to know Claude Monet: Visit the Musee D’Orsay or visit Monet’s countryside home at Giverny. Whether you o hop on Le Métro and explore France’s unique, gorgeous neighborhoods or join in on optional tours to a cabaret show and the Louvre, you will get to bid France adieu with a dinner cruise along the Seine River.