Planning Your Dream Safari

Is an African Safari on your bucket list? This is no surprise since this is a life changing adventure.

There are so many exciting things to plan with any travel and a safari is no exception. The first decision on your check list is where will you go?

While Africa is not your only option, it is the most popular.

You’ll want to consider your budget, priorities and style of travel but the here’s a intro from GateCheck of some areas to start your planning:

Eastern Africa

The most common countries for an Africa Safari are usually the ones travellers choose for their first safari: Tanzania and Kenya. Adventures in these countries will bring you through the Serengeti and Maasi Mara. There are no guarantees in travel, but these routes will give you great odds of seeing the Big Five: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo. And, with the right timing and some luck, you could witness the ultimate great migration of more than a million wildebeests.

Be sure to explore beyond Tanzania and Kenya while in Eastern Africa to see what Uganda or Rawanda have to offer. Beyond museums, history and incredible lakes, these countries offer outstanding opportunities to view chimpanzees and gorillas.

Southern Africa

From Zimbabwe to South Africa, the animal sighting opportunities in world class lodges abound in Southern Africa. Unlike some other African destinations, Botswana offers unique desert safari experiences. We highly recommend researching a canoe safari while visiting this exceptional country.

Central Africa

Another often overlooked destination is the Republic of Congo. This country offers opportunities for adventure travel enthusiasts to participate in lowland gorilla tracking.

Beyond the Animals

Exploring wildlife in Africa is an incredible experience for any adventure traveller. If you have the opportunity, consider exploring beyond the safari experience. Africa will give you a world of beaches, history, active adventures, fine dining and luxury accommodations.

*GateCheck’s blog content is intended for entertainment and should not be used as travel advice. Whether you work with a Travel Professional or make your own arrangements, ensure you understand travel conditions and Covid requirements.