Luxury - in the Eye of the Beholder

Who doesn’t love luxury travel? We all have visions of what “luxury” means… yachts, private jets, Michelin Star dining, behind the scenes access… But, what happens if your luxurious fantasies don’t match your pocket book?

Top GateCheck tips for using creativity to close the gap:

  1. Choose Wisely

While choosing low season is a great way to reach those luxury goals at more affordable pricing, selecting the right destination can be just as important. Up and coming locations can allow you to experience white glove travel that might be less attainable in more high traffic countries. Consider starting your list with Philippines, Laos, Georgia or Sri Lanka.

Even if you aren’t a celebrity, you can still enjoy some high luxury adventures. Deciding what’s most important to you can be a great place to start. Is there top chef you’ve read about? Try having lunch instead of dinner. Or, choose an apartment so you can cook most of your meals and splurge on that special dinner. Just because you can’t stay in that high end hotel, doesn’t mean you can't enjoy the ambience at the bar. Compromise and prioritizing can really unlock some special spaces.

  1. Low Cost Surprises

Not all luxury experiences have high price tags. Sometimes, the real luxury comes from exclusive access. Many of us are aware of how to use credit card points to save money or book airline tickets. Do you know that some of these programs also come with other benefits? Check to see if your cards come with lounge access, upgrade options or other front of the line access.

Many cities offer free or low-cost activities that translate into private tours. A great example of this is The Big Apple Greeter program in New York City

  1. Ask the Experts

It’s no secret that GateCheck loves Travel Professionals. Your Travel Advisor can recommend properties with luxury amenities that might surprise you. Let them know what’s most important to you.

Your hotel’s concierge is another great source for unexpected luxury recommendations. But, don’t stop your research at the concierge desk. Ask other locals where they go for special occasions and first dates, this can be a fun source of high-end activities without the tourist tax.

*GateCheck’s blog content is intended for entertainment and should not be used as travel advice. Whether you work with a Travel Professional or make your own arrangements, ensure you understand travel conditions and Covid requirements.