Experience the allure of Africa with Traversing Africa

Experience the allure of Africa

We inspire you to experience the allure of Africa through meaningful and transformational journeys that are personally crafted to your specific aspirations…

…Traverse in our Footsteps.

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Traversing Africa knows Africa intimately, and creates alluring journeys personally crafted to your specific travel aspirations

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At Traversing Africa we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled service for arranging bespoke trips to Africa and beyond.   We are a small family owned and run company dedicated to sharing our passion for transformational travel with our clients at a personal level.

We are passionate about responsible and sustainable tourism. As such, we partner with causes who aim to protect and conserve wildlife, the environment and local culture.  We strive to make a positive impact in the world through deeper and more meaningful travel experiences. We want to ensure our great great grandchildren have a chance to experience the natural world as it was intended to be.

Over 25 years’ experience coupled with our African roots and our overwhelming passion for the continent and her wildlife makes us experts in crafting the best trip to suit your travel needs to Africa. We share our first-hand knowledge of the destinations we sell and save you time by making your travel planning effortless.

We have established long-standing relationships with our partners in all our destinations. This enables us to give you the best prices as well as peace of mind that you are in the best hands when you are travelling. The properties we recommend are regularly inspected to ensure they match our uncompromising standards.

By curating bespoke itineraries for you we are able to ensure your trips are not just enjoyable but unforgettable! We offer a personalized service and take the time to understand what makes you unique and have the ability to incorporate this into your travel plans, resulting in transformational journeys!